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    Why is it so difficult to get the game version number now?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Why is it so difficult to get the game version number now?”
    1. For game companies, it can be said that it is more important than life, because there are no versions of games, and no gold system can be added to the game market in mainland China, and profitable cannot be achieved.

      . For example, "Jedi Survival: Stimulating the Battlefield" is because there is no version number, so I have not been able to join the recharge function ...

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      The game company without a version number, if you want to go public to make money, you can only take two ways: 1. Go to the sea, 2. Take Steam's overseas platform

      Money means giving up the mainland market and turning to the global market. For example, IGG's "Kingdom Epoch" and Netease's "Wild Action" have made a lot of money overseas.

      . As for the second road, it is clear to see Tencent's "Infinite Law" ...

      is not just a new game required version number, even the old game’s The new expansion piece also needs a version number, so the version number is more important for Chinese game companies.

      . This time, there are 80 games to get the version number, including 6 paragraphs, 6 page games, 1 PS4 game, 67 mobile games, but none of them are Tencent NetEase China. Why is this the game of the largest game manufacturer?

      The game industry people have the following three views on this situation. (For the industry's views, it does not represent other opinions.)

      . The big factory has a thick foundation, first let the small company return to blood

      The production of the game company that is not seen in the classified game company is a "small company" in the gaming mall in terms of scale. Searching the names of these games on Baidu can be seen by one page.

      In after all, small companies are not thicker than Tencent NetEase foundation, and the product business line is single. All are waiting for the new game to be online. With the limited energy of approval personnel, the small company who has been boiled for 9 months will be returned. And this wave of version number is for them to be drought and Ganlin.

      . The first batch is a sample. Risk zone: Gambling (gambling), ALT (adult), Violence (violence), Human/Instinct (human nature)/(weak point); and the following three elements need to be reset before product production: Positive Values Value), National (National Unique), Folklore (Folk Traditional Culture)

      Perhaps non -industry people do not understand the meaning of this sentence, let me simply translate it: Four elements of danger, it is best not to do not want Yes, the active three elements will be given priority.

      The on the other layer, what kind of product can be tried? There is no clear detail, but that's it! The characteristics of these products, you can find it, these are the "samples" that can be tried in the future! This is also a basis for the product of the subsequent regulatory manufacturers, and everyone has to follow the rules.

      . The tumor of the industry

      The point of view of Zhihu [email protected]: Maybe from the perspective of players, MMORPG, MOBA and other games It is the big income of the game market. In fact, it is the game market that really occupies the game market. And this type of game is divided into leisure and intellectual games during approval, and the results of the approval are every month, accounting for about 70%of puzzle games.

      It, not to mention the far -reaching information information released by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television in March 2018, all rows of games related to Mahjong and fishing are written in a row.

      The starting point of such games is educational, but due to the factors of gameplay, such games can easily induce players to participate in gambling. Due to frequent involving money transactions, it is easy to have money laundering.

      In the review list of December 2018, there is no game, which belongs to such games. The meaning of revealing is probably this emoticon package.

      of course, this does not mean that such games will not pass in the future. After all, Mahjong still has to play, and it still has to be played. This opportunity to rectify the industry tumors.

      In the past 19 years, the version number has shrunk significantly, releasing a signal: the game industry is fine, and the competition is becoming more intense.

      The reason to say why the version number got is mainly because the game market is too diverse. If there is no supervision card one card, it will cause a casing game. This is the result of the version number. The main reason is more difficult now.

      The operating units with more than 10 operating units in the mobile game in 2019. Many of them are leisure and wisdom games. Such games have been trial last year faster.

      In the 1570 trial games in 2020, domestic production accounted for 1,385 models and 185 imports.


      In the beginning of the version number in 18 years, after the real market is gradually standardized, the version number of the game will become more and more rhythm, and it will not not have a certain rhythm, and no will It will be so difficult to send a good way, so in the end, it is based on the game type to determine the version number.

      The reason. The big score is guess. But it is not unprecedented. The version number problem has been brewed from 17 years to now

      The roughly rectified bad game

      In internal rectification of management
      n R n -induced overseas competition

      This squeezing too much cutter (╯_╰)

      M n.

      The hello, I am Tencent's inspection Jun, and I am very happy to answer your questions. I hope my answer can help you.

      Is that the game version number is rare instructions. Talk about some personal opinions. For example, the rumored Guangdong Province. However, some version number agencies have stated that the General Administration has always confiscated new game materials. After the version number approval is reorganized, it is also the stock game accumulated in 2018. Without approval of the backlog products, the Publishing Bureau can not accept new game approval. You know, according to the game approval results page of the official website of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, a total of 1982 games were approved from January to March 2018, and 9651 games were approved in 2017. Some insiders in the industry estimate that at least 5,000 games are still waiting for approval.

      In addition, on February 15th, the latest batch of gaming version number has just been announced on February 15th. In just 4 days, the policy is so repeated. The net fox is not believed. In addition, according to people familiar with the matter, this year's two sessions may propose more simplified administration and decentralization, or local units may be required to implement it, so they will stop at this stage.

      Integrate the above information, the net fox is more inclined to: "Because there are more stock games to be approved, the version number declaration materials of the new game will not be received for the time being. Perform as usual. This is the most common sense.

      This topic is very difficult. It is a bit difficult to answer. It is to see the high profit space of the game, and then the hot money poured in. At this time, the supervision review was put on pressure. Essence If you do not want to control it, there is also a big risk of online finance.

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