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    What can a full -time mothers do at home to make money?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What can a full -time mothers do at home to make money?”
    1. After a woman gets married, more time is the husband and family, and do housework at home. In fact, many Baoma also wanted to make money, but could not go out to work. At this time, you can consider some projects at home. So the question is, how do you make money at home at home? I recommend a few projects for you!
      1. Open the online store. If you have a reliable source of supply, you can try to open an online store and sell the sales circle of Huishang friends at the same time. If there is no suitable source of supply, you can share the coupon to friends through some alliances that issue coupons. At first, it may be minimal. After a long time, the shopping group will get more and more customers through fission. It's right.
      2, make money by playing games. Some treasures who love to play games also have opportunities to make money. Many platforms have activities to make money on trial games, including some chess and card online games. However, there are not much money to try the game. If you are a very powerful person, you can make a lot of money.
      3, do micro -quotient. WeChat is actually similar to Taobao. It is the same in form. They are all selling things, but WeChat is selling on WeChat. Taobao is on the Internet. Now it is a communication era. Therefore, it doesn't matter if you don't know the computer. You can also shop on your mobile phone now, but the risk of making micro -quotient is relatively smaller than Taobao, and the suitable population is more extensive.

      4, coding to make money. Code making money is also the meaning of entering the verification code to make money. You can download coding software on some regular coding websites for coding to make money. The salary is generally daily. It is loved by many full -time mothers, and the disadvantage of coding to make money is that the salary is low, and it may only be more than 10 yuan a day, so the short -term operation of code making money is still possible, which is not suitable for long -term operation.
      What can the full -time mother do at home to make money?
      [1] From the media, the self -media is not as complicated, you can write articles, you can make short videos, choose what you are interested in, good at, insist on, insist on You will see the results.
      [2] Buying wealth management products, such as funds, bank wealth management products, stocks, etc. These risks are relatively greater, but if there is experience in this area, it can be considered.
      [3] Doing manual work at home. Although the profit is not very high, it does not require any cost, as much as possible, and does not require strong professionalism and technical nature.
      [4] The leaflet is issued. The children go to school. Moms can send leaflets. They do not need to invest costs. They can also have time to pick up children from school.
      This is an era of making money by poor skills. Full -time mothers need to find a platform for learning, enhance their skills, and use skills to make money. It is a feasible road. With skills, finding work is easy, and income is just around the corner.

    2. You can do part -time accounting part -time, especially some small companies, and do not invite a special accounting. They only need a person to help make accounts every month. At this time, the skills of accounting will play a role. Take the information home, just calculate the accounts and part -time companies every month.

    3. You can find some part -time jobs on the Internet, such as Taobao customer service, mobile customer service, Baidu answerer, or short video bloggers can increase income.

    4. Answer: In addition to bringing children with full -time mothers, you can use your mobile phone to find an app online to open live broadcast, such as Baidu, watermelon video, and YY live broadcast. These apps can make live broadcasts.

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