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    What are the differences between the ancient city of Lijiang and the ancient city of Dali?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What are the differences between the ancient city of Lijiang and the ancient city of Dali?”
    1. Personally, I think that going to Dali is just to satisfy the dream of martial arts, Tianlong Babu, Xianjian. Essence Essence In addition to the Cangshan Erhai Lake Shuanglang, the attractions there are not so good! Lijiang is the place of tourism, La Shihai, Guanyin Gorge, Yulong Snow Mountain, Tiger Jumping Gorge, and Lugu Lake! all good!

      The differences are too large. Don't talk about where it is better, the historical background of the ancient city of Lijiang and the ancient city of Dali, the historical significance is different:

      The Dali ancient city: Dali City: Dali The historical history of the ancient city in the history of the Tang and Song dynasties is the center of the political, economic, and cultural in Yunnan. It distributes 14 key cultural relics protection units above the city level in the ancient city. Dali Tourism core area.

      The ancient city is twelve miles, with four city gate buildings and four corner buildings. There are four gate gates on the four sides of the city wall, namely Erhai Gate of the East Gate (also known as Tonghai Gate), Shuanghe Gate (also known as Cheng Enmen) in the south gate, Cangshan Gate of the west gate, and north gate three tower gate (also known as Anyuanmen). There is a moat outside the city. The Qing Dynasty was rebuilt many times. The city maintained a typical checkerboard structure. The north -south gate was symmetrical. As one of the settlements of ethnic minorities, the ancient city of Dali is the place where the cultural resources of the Bai people and the integration of multi -ethnic culture. Bai culture.

      The ancient city of Lijiang: The streets in the ancient city of Lijiang are built on the mountains and rivers, and are paved with red corner arges. Lijiang is one of the second batch of approved Chinese historical and cultural cities. It is one of the two ancient cities that China has successfully applied for world cultural heritage in the entire ancient city. The ancient city of Lijiang has colorful local national customs and entertainment activities. The ancient city of Lijiang reflects the achievements of the construction of ancient Chinese cities, and is one of the types of distinctive characteristics and styles of Chinese residential houses.

      Different national background culture has caused different ancient city style characteristics. Don't think that the ancient city of Lijiang and the ancient city of Dali are in Yunnan, so it is the same. If so, it is really wrong.

      The ancient city of Lijiang cannot enter the car .. There are many alleys. Each alley is connected. Shunshui enters the ancient city. n
      It a lap of the ancient city of Dali to enter the car. The streets are relatively wide. It may feel messy. There is a bit more literary atmosphere.

      Now the sewage is repaired around Erhai Lake. Erhai Hai feels half less.

      is too different. Going to the ancient city of Dali is mainly to see the scenery. When there are too many modern culture in the ancient city, although it is retained, there is a little city wall and city building. Others are nothing. The city building is later repaired. , Tractor, motorcycles, battery cars, bicycles, carriages, etc. are also widely operated. Modern stores, selling appliances, motorcycles, battery cars, large supermarkets, and mobile phones are everywhere. The ancient city of Lijiang feels very casual. There is no noise of vehicles, no vehicles, the shuttle of motorcycle battery cars, no sample houses, buildings, no flat houses, no large supermarkets, and shops without modern products.

      The Bai people

      The difference in national culture, Lijiang Naxi culture, Dali Bai culture.

      The ancient city of Lijiang, also known as Dayan Ancient City. There are many jewelry shops, flowers cake shops, selling bull comb, silverware, handmade earrings, various national costumes, etc. With the East Pakistan text of the Lijiang Naxi nation, in the streets of Sifang Street, people from the Naxi people are jumping, and tourists can also join, entertain together. The wooden buildings under the toast system are also ancient. very unique. In the evening, you can go to Yunling Theater near the ancient city to watch the large -scale derivative percussion dance "The Life of Yunnan", which was created by the famous dance artist Yang Liping. On the basis of the original ecology, he took a step forward. The oldest sound is interpreted, divided into: preface, fetal sound, giving birth, sun rain, male tiger mother tiger, bird god bird, last horse gang, drunk drum. "The Life of Yunnan" is the sound of the river flowing water, and it is also the sound of the rising water of the river. After Lijiang's long -term designated performance, in order to be closer to Lijiang Naxi culture, the Naxi elements were added to the performance. The image showed the people of Lijiang to sing and dance, and also brought the ancient city of Lijiang to the stage. The stage effect is shocking, and it is worth watching.

      It in addition to the ancient city, Lijiang also has the ancient town of Shuhe. It is one of the well -preserved towns on the ancient road of the tea horse. Due to the quiet environment, it is also the first choice for accommodation. , Lisha Man Boutique Inn or the Lisha Man Art Club is in the ancient town of Shuhe. The four weeks of the inn are very quiet and the environment in the store is super good. The inn has a rich breakfast, and the service is thoughtful. The food is also delicious, everything feels good. There is also one -on -one housekeeper service, intimately high -speed your precautions on the journey of Lijiang, and there are more practical humidifiers and masks in the room. You do n’t have to worry about the dry weather of Lijiang, and the bed is very soft, the quilt is also very comfortable to be comfortable Essence For many days, you can also help pick -up, you can also store luggage. There are various forms of underground leisure, warm and comfortable, as well as chess and card rooms, billiard rooms, massage rooms, tea rooms, foot baths, barbecue, billiard rooms, game rooms, libraries and other entertainment facilities. Both entertainment are the correct way to open tourism.

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