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    The minimum configuration and recommendation configuration of the game!


    Sep 23, 2022

    The minimum configuration is the requirements that can run smoothly after turning on all effects? Recommended configuration is the requirements that can run smoothly after opening the full -efficiency? I mean smooth! Intersection Intersection Please answer! Intersection

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    1. The conscience of each manufacturer is different, so they say the minimum configuration, recommended configuration, some are more reliable, and some have no conscience. This is not generally general.
      In general, the minimum configuration means that when you reach this configuration, you can definitely enter the game. Generally, under the minimum screen settings, most cases will not be too stuck. To be precise, the minimum configuration is mainly meaning that you ca n’t reach this configuration, you do n’t buy this game, you ca n’t play.
      The recommended configuration can generally be understood. Under the medium screen settings, the game can be run smoothly. To be precise, this game can play well with this configuration.
      It specific, you can go to Zhizhi.com. You can enter your configuration there and then find the game. He can tell you if you can play this game. How can you play the effect? ​​You can give you a better reference.

    2. The minimum configuration is impossible to damage the computer, at most it is very stuck, which means that it will be able to play. Recommended configuration is generally more applicable configuration, which can ensure game playability configuration without waste of MONEY. However, the current gamers will talk about the recommendation and minimum configuration to attract more customers, so there is no reference, depending on the actual situation (such as online reviews)

    3. The minimum configuration is a threshold, that is, the minimum configuration is just the lowest picture is played with the lowest card. The recommended configuration is medium -to -high -quality quality and no card. That's what it means.

    4. Recommendation of high special effects cost -effective gaming computer host

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