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    The English name of the Devil City! Intersection Intersection Intersection


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    All versions of this game of English name

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    1. Middle: Demon City Beauty: Day: Akumajou Dracula
      (Demon Castle Dracula) Machine and Year: (FC Disk) 1986 (JAP), 1987 (US) NES, Commodore 64, AMIGA, Arcade
      Middle: Demon City II Curse: 2: Simons Quest Machine and Year: (FC Disk Machine) 1988 NES
      : Demon City Legend: 2: Simons Quest Day: Akumajou Dracula (DEMON CASTLE DRACULA)) Models and years: (FC disk machine) 1986 (JAP), 1987 (US) NES, Commodore 64, Amiga, Arcade
      : Dracula Legend: The Adventure Machine and Year: (Game Boy) 1989 Game Boy
      : Demon City SPECIAL I am Dracula: 3: Draculas Curse Model and Year: (FC disk machine) 1990 NES
      Year: (Game Boy)
      : Super Demon City 4 Beauty: Super 4th: Akumajou Dracula (Demon Castle Dracula) Quotes and Year: (SFC, US version translation, this is the FC version of Dracula. The new redemption version of Japan, the title of the Devil City ド ラ キュ ラ キュ ラ キュ ラ キュ ラ キュ ラ キュ ラ キュ キュ ド ド
      : Hunted city beauty: haunted Castle Day: Akumajou Dracula (DEMON CASTLE DRACULA) Model and Year: (AC, Japan Title is Devil City) 1988 Arcade, 2
      : Demon City Special I am Dracula America: Machine Boy
      : Demon City X Blood Reincarnation Day: Dracula X: Chi No Rondo (Rondo of Blood) 机种及年份:(PC-E SUPER CD-ROM;Wii VC;PSP)1993 (JAP) PC Engine Super CD-ROM(-16) rn中:Vampire Killer 美:Vampire Killer 日: Akumajou Dracula (DEMON CASTLE DRACULA) Model and Year: (Mega Drive) 1986 (JAP/EU) MSX Home Computer
      : Demon City XX Beauty :: Dracula X Daily: Akumajo Dracula XX Machine and Year: (SFC) 1995 Super Nintendo
      Think of Qu Mei:: Symphony of the Night Day: (PS version) Akumajou Dracula x: Gekka No Yasoukyok (NOCTURNE in the Moonlight) (SS) Akumajou Dracula x: Gekka (NocTurne In the Moove Sega Saturn; XBLA) 1997 Sony 1998 Sega Saturn
      : 悪 悪 悪 s s s s s :: LEGENDS Day: Akumajou Dracula: Shikkoku Taru (DARK): (Game Boy) 1998 Game Boy R
      : Demon City Inspectament Blum: Day: Akumajo Dracula () Machine and year: (Nintendo 64) 1999 nintendo 64
      GAIDEN: The Legend of Cornell Model and Year: (Nintendo 64) 1999 Nintendo 64
      : 悪 悪 悪 悪 g g g g :: Model and year: (Dreamcast; Development) Canced Sega Dreamcast is expected to be N64
      : Demon City Moon Wheel beauty :: Circle of the Moon Day: Akumajo Dracula: Circle of the Moon Machine and Year: (Game Boy Advance) 2001 Game Boy Advance
      : Day: Akumajo Nendaiki: Akumajou Dracula Model and Year: (; This is the remake of the x68000 version of the Demora of Demora) 2001 Sony
      : Demon City White Night Concerto :: Byakuya No Concerto (Concerto of the Midnight Sun) Part: (Game Boy Advance) 2002 Game Boy Advance
      : Demon City Xiaoyue Round Dance Beauty :: ARIA of Sorrow Day :: Akatsuki No Minuet (Minuet of Dawn) Machine: (Game Boy Advance) 2003 Game Boy Advance
      : The beauty of the demon city of innocence :: laynt of InnoCence Day: Model and Year: (2) 2003 Sony 2
      : Demon City Cangyue Cross :: dawn of :: dawn of SORROW Day: Model and Year: (Nintendo DS) 2005 Nintendo DS
      : Demon City Dark Mantra Yinmei :: Curse of Darkness Day: Akumajou Dracula: Yami No Juin (CURSE of Darkness) Machine and year : (Xbox; 2) 2005 2/xbox
      : Demon City Maze Corridor Beauty :: Portrait of Ruin Day: Akumajou Dracula: Gallery of labyrinth Machine: (Nintendo DS) 2006 Nintendo DS
      Middle: the beauty of the Demon City Shadow :: Order of Shadows Machine and Year: (North American -limited mobile game) 2007 Mobile Phones
      : Demon City X Passenger Beauty :: The Dracula X Model and Year: (PSP, this is the 3D technology repelberry of the cycle of blood, including the original and the improved moon night imagination) 2007 Portable
      : The engraving of the Demon City is taken away (Holy Church Secret) beauty :: Order of Ecclesia 日:悪魔城ドラキュラ夺われた刻印机种及年份:(任天堂DS) 2008年10月23日Nintendo DS rn中:恶魔城审判美: Judgement 机种及年份:wii 日文版本将On January 15, 2009

    2. The Devil City has basically continued at least one work every year since 1986. Although there are game platforms except PC, Kanami, a masterpiece of cross -century, is called. , It's all there ~! ~

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