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    In Wuhan Mahjong, what is Dahu and what is Xiao Hu? Please everyone God


    Sep 23, 2022

    When there are any cards, you can win a little more .. Several times, they have been scolded by others. How can it be?

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    1. The luck ingredients are very high. If you want to be a hug first, you have to get a card that might and Yamato, but you have to have this consciousness. For example, there are two reds and white boards in your hand. Thinking, if there is any, you can make it. There is also the best and higher game room with Danfan, for example, from 16 (QQ game now does not seem to have 32 times), so that you have a good card and Dafan. If you arrive at the game room, your card is very good, but it is the most depressed by others. This is the most depressed.

      Is please adopt satisfaction

    2. Xiaohe, commonly known as fart Hu, is basically divided into 1, and Hu Hu is basically divided into 10, which can be superimposed. For example, the highest alleged person who has a color pair is divided into 30 foundations. Do not entangle here. You can also accumulate the separation, and the multi -opening multiplier multiplier rate quickly goes up. The below is as follows, a color (a colorful card type, 11,123,555,567), a color (as long as it is, regardless of the card type), the wind (as long as the wind, regardless of the card type), touch the Hu (11.222.888.4444), all are all, all Chaos. All begging people (258 will have one card left in their hands, self -touched fart), grabbing the bar, blooming on the bar, Haidilao Yueyue.

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