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    Google Play game cannot be played


    Sep 22, 2022

    Some of the three sets of Google should be installed with the permissions that should be given and given the ladder. Google Play can use it that the Google Play game can’t be opened.

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    1. The solution is as follows:
      1. The game abnormality caused by the error occurred by the game file. After uninstalling the original game, download and follow the prompts. Pay attention not to install it on the C drive during installation. Do not modify the game path (the disk can modify it) Essence
      2. View whether the graphics card driver needs to be updated. If the driver of the graphics card needs to be updated without updating, it will cause game abnormality. Update driver can solve abnormalities. Note that the old driver backup is made before updating the driver. rn3、重新安装游戏无法解决问题的要考虑系统与游戏是否冲突不兼容,重新安装个电脑系统可以排除该问题,注意在选择系统时尽量选择WIN7系统,因为这个系统比较成熟,各款The game is based on this system, and the compatibility is better.
      4. When the above methods are invalid, take the computer case to the computer city (if you do not pass the warranty period, you can find one if you pass the guarantee), and find a professional engineer to debug the computer.
      Development process
      In 1998, Larry Page and Sergei Brin jointly developed Google's online search engine in Stanford University's student dormitory, and quickly spread to the world's information searcher; On August 7, Google was founded in the type of private joint -stock company in Mountain Scenic City, California. In the same year, the GOOGLE PAGERANK patent was invented.
      In September 2001, Google's web rating mechanism Pagerank was awarded the US patent. The patent was officially awarded to Stanford University, and Larry Page was listed as the inventor.

    2. This is a possibly Google service version is too old. Go to Google Store to search for "Google Service", download the software I have installed on the picture, each one is opened to see, the first one is to view the Google version, the fourth one is to update Google After the service, I can use this update Google service to hang crooked farts into the "PLAY game" and no longer report an error (there is a problem: Google Play cannot be connected to the Google service, please try it.)

    3. Mobile games flashback indicates that the current device drives the game very hard, and optimizing the device to become important without changing the device.
      First, turn off all the procedures for running in the background before entering the game, including but not limited to: QQ, WeChat, 360 and other software.
      Secondly, unloading is not commonly used in applications, too much application installation will waste CPU resources. Regardless of whether it is started, the device memory will be occupied from the time of installation.
      Third, delete local photos and videos of the device, delete information and files from QQ and WeChat friends, and try to expand the space available space as much as possible.
      Fourth, after the above solution is optimized, it is still abnormal, please restore the factory settings, or you can flash the after -sales brush and brush system.

    4. Have you finished the three -piece set of Google? The game I downloaded on the star cat before I also needed Google three -piece set. You can play it after downloading.

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